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Installation Problems with CslaDBAGuidance

Dec 23, 2008 at 11:17 PM

I have dowloaded and installed all the prerequisites and CSLADBAGuidance.

In following the installation instructions, I get as far as step 4 inclusive.

After that nothing seems to proceed as per the instructions steps.

I am assuming that after unzipping the file , I run the setup. The setup creates a separate folder with all the items unzipped.

The instructions indicate to add a reference to CSLA.DLL from the CLSADBA project. I go and do that. However below, all the included cs files show up with yellow warning icons, indicating that they have been moved.
 If I attempt to compile at this point it fails.

If I ignore all of this and go straight to creating a guidance project, it allows you to specify a data connection- indicates a recipe error but creates the connection string in the app.config file. When you request adding the entitieslibrary as the next step, a page comes up with nothing filled in.
I also cant seem to locate where to register the guidance project even if it compiled successfully.

Can further screen shots be provided for these installation steps after step 4? I am assuming I am going to the wrong folders and looking in the wrong places.

Sorry, I must be missing something...