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CslaDBAGuidancePackage generates an database access (DBA) layer for accessing SQL database tables, views, stored procedures and dynamic SQL commands. The current version supports Microsoft SQLServer 2005 (support for other databases will follow), .NET 3.5, CSLA.NET 3.5, Enterprise Library 4.0, Guidance Automation Extension (GAX) and Visual Studio 2008. All the aforementioned components are prerequisites and have to be installed before installing CslaDBAGuidancePackage. The mapping scenario is pretty straight forward and self explaining if you are familiar with other ORM (object relational mapping) technologies and after you understood the basics concepts of CSAL.NET.
The classes generated by CslaDBAGuidancePackage are based on Rockford Lhotka's great business object framework CSLA.NET. CSLA.NET offers a very rich feature set that you can use as the bases for deriving and building your own specialized business frameworks. I will not go into any detail of CSLA.NET. Please consult and Rockford Lhotka's new book "Expert C#/VB.NET 2005/2008 Business Objects". The generated code uses CSLA.NET as its base classes.
Using the CslaDBAGuidancePackage with Visual Studio 2008 needs the following steps:
1. Download and install Enterprise Library 4.0
2. Download and install the Guidance Automation Extensions - February 2008 Release (GAX)
3. Download and extract CSLA.NET to a local folder.
4. Download and extract to a local folder.
5. Add a reference to the CSLA.NET assembly (csla.dll) from the CslaDBA project.
6. Compile the solution and register the package by clicking the menu item "Register the Guidance Package" of the CslaDBAGuidancePackage project context menu.
7. Start a new instance of Visual Studio 2008, select "File | New | Project" and choose a solution template from "CslaDBAGuidancePackage" under the "Guidance Packages" project types.

You can download a draft documentation here: CslaDBAGuidance_WalkThrough.pdf

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